Our story

The Lamoon synthetic hair extension was inspired by our LGBTQ+ friend - whom, during her transformation, felt incomplete and reserved because of her short locks. She wears extensions as she sees it as an essential hairpiece to further increase her confidence and to express her femininity. We started Lamoon for her with the belief that every single one of us should embrace whatever makes us feel and look best with. Which is why we offer a versatile, exquisite everyday hair extension that’s attainable for everyone, everywhere! ‘Cause we know that the best crown that everyone could wear is your beautiful hair!

Why Lamoon

Here at Lamoon, we empower everyone to build their own unique, iconic style by bringing you salon-gorgeous hair extensions. Each luscious hair piece offers comfortability and a luxurious natural look that can be experienced and embraced by all. Available in an extensive range of styles, colors and lengths that will naturally blend with your real locks. Best of all, lamoon extensions are created with the highest quality materials that everyone can get a hand of at an affordable price.

Fancy Quality

As a brand that specializes in creating hair extensions, Lamoon offers a stunning collection of premium quality, silky synthetic locks. Adding your hairstyle an instant length and volume that will create a magnificent transformation to men and women alike. We assure that every product is made with thorough care and top-tier workmanship to give our customers the total satisfaction of ‘what it feels like’ to wear perfect extensions. Style it, cut it or treat it like you would with your real hair! With our Lamoon extension you have nothing to fear! 

Customer-friendly role

As a fellow hair extension lover, we at Lamoon are dedicated to delivering quality products and  consistent, exceptional customer service. We guarantee that each and everyone of our clients are experiencing equal and remarkable assistance. Committed in building mutual trust from us to you. Here at Lamoon, you are not just a customer, but our beloved friend that we cherished! We listen, understand and respond properly to your varying needs. Allowing you to voice out your thoughts and explore your own uniqueness. 

We are here for you from start until the very end. Thus, we created different hair care tutorials that you could look at and go back to anytime. Lamoon also offers color matching advice and recommendations to help you find the right hair extension for you.